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Make Lightning 

Make] Projects 

Make Lightning 

Written By: Mortltd 



Lighter or heatgun (1) 

120v-9v transformer (1) 

Soldering iron (1) 


Wire strippers (1) 

Enclosure (1) 

terminal post (2) 

Solder m 


I have been fascinated with arcs and sparks, bangs and pops ever since I created an arc 
with a busted power adaptor. 

One day I thought about making a proper "big boys' toy" that would be safer and more 

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Make Lightning 

Step 1 — Make Lightning 


• Mains voltage is extremely 
dangerous and should not 
be used in this project. Even 
though the voltage from this project 
is high enough to arc, it is not 

Step 2 

• First you need: 

• 1 20v or 240v to 9v power adaptor 

• Enclosure 

• Wire 

• Terminal posts 

• Not shown: tactile switch 

• Connector socket 

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Make Lightning 

Step 3 

• Solder the components according 
to the diagram. 

• Don't forget to reverse the 
transformer so that you put 
power into the output terminals. 

Step 4 

' Now, put the electronics in the 
enclosure and make a foot switch. 

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• Finally, put 12v into the input 
socket and Presto! You have your 
own high voltage power supply that 
can be connected to a Jacob's 
Ladder (basically, put two lengths 
of coat hanger wire close enough 
for the arc to jump across at 
different positions). Have fun! 

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